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  • Product Code: #157-903

    Optical Parallel Set # 157-903

    Thicknesses: 12.00mm, 12.12mm, 12.25mm, 12.37mm

    Micrometer Size: 0-25mm

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    Product Description

    157-903 Mitutoyo 4-Piece Optical Parallel Set

    The Mitutoyo 157-903 optical parallel set has the following specifications:

    • Thicknesses: 12.00mm, 12.12mm, 12.25mm, 12.37mm
    • Range of Micrometer to be Checked: 0-25mm
    • Diameter: 30mm


    • Designed to inspect parallelism and flatness of measuring faces of micrometers
    • Optical parallels are offered as individual or as sets.  Each set consists for 4 different thickness optical parallels. 
    • Supplied in fitted wooden case.

    Technical Data

    • Flatness: 0.1�m / .000004"
    • Parallelism: 0.2�m / .000008"
    • Diameter: 30mm / 1.18"

    Parallelism check between measuring faces by means of interference fringe produced by an optical parallel.

    The parallelism between the measuring faces can be determined as follows:

    • Place the optical parallel to the anvil and observe the number of interference fringes produced on the spindle side under the measuring force of the micrometers.
    • The parallelism is about 1�m (0.32�m x 3 = 0.96�m).
    • Fringe on the anvil side must not be more than one.

    Mitutoyo Individual Optical Parallels and Optical Parallel Sets:

    0-25mm Range:

    • 157-903 4-Piece Optical Parallel Set: 12.00mm, 12.12mm, 12.25mm, 12.37mm

    25-50mm Range:

    • 157-904 4-Piece Optical Parallel Set: 25.00mm, 25.12mm, 25.25mm, 25.37mm

    0-1" Range:

    • 157-901 4-Piece Optical Parallel Set: .5000", .5062", .5125", .5187"

    1-2" Range:

    • 157-902 4-Piece Optical Parallel Set: 1.0000", 1.0062", 1.0125", 1.0187"
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