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  • Product Code: #714MEEFLZ

    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer # 714MEEFLZ

    Range/Size: 400-500mm/15.740-19.680"

    Resolution: .001mm/.0001"

    Price: $1,830.00 $1,738.00
    Lowest Price Guaranteed

    Product Description

    714MEEFLZ Starrett Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 400-500mm/15.740-19.680"

    The Starrett 714MEEFLZ electronic interchangeable anvil micrometer has the following specifications:

    • Range: 400-500"/15.740-19.680"
    • Resolution: .001mm/.0001"
    • Accuracy: +/- .008mm/.00035"
    • Thimble Type: Friction
    • Data Output: Yes
    • Anvil/Spindle Material: Steel

    The Starrett 714MEEFLZ electronic interchangeable anvil micrometer has standard metric graduations on the shell and thimble.


    • Balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling and better readability
    • Compatible with Starrett Datasure Wireless Data Collection Systems
    • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
    • Conventional inch or millimeter graduations standard
    • Quick and easy adjustment
    • Large, easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD digital readout
    • Starrett No-glare satin chrome finish on thimble and sleeve minimizes annoying surface glare under bright lights indoors or filters out UV light
    • No-glare black wrinkle finish on frame
    • Hard and stable one-piece friction thimble permits one-hand operation of micrometer and uniform contact pressure
    • Rigid and stable special cast iron frame with appropriate perforations for lightness and ribbed for strength and stability
    • Ability to zero tool at any position as well as retain and return to the true zero reading of the micrometer
    • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
    • Micro-lapped carbide measuring faces
    • Interchangeable anvils
    • One 3-volt battery included for extended usage
    • Automatic OFF
    • Measurement HOLD button
    • SPC output capability
    • Inch/millimeter metric conversion provides simple, universal, standardized unit of measurement at any position
    • PRESET button to install any reading at any position

    Starrett 714M Series Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers:

    • With Metric Graduations on Shell and Thimble: Inch
    • 714MEAAFLZ Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 0-100mm/3.930"
    • 714MEAFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 50-150mm/1.9688-5.900"
    • 714MEGFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 150-300mm/5.900-11.810"
    • 714MEDFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 300-400mm/11.810-15.740"
    • 714MEEFLZ   Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 400-500mm/15.740-19.680"
    • 714MEJFLZ     Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 500-600mm/19.680-23.620"

    Starrett 714 Series Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometers:

    • With Inch Graduations on Shell and Thimble: Inch
    • 714AAFLZ Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 0-4"/101mm
    • 714AFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 2-6"/51-152mm
    • 714BFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 6-9"/152-228mm
    • 714GFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 6-12"/152-305mm
    • 714CFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 9-12"/228-305mm
    • 714DFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 12-16"/305-406mm
    • 714EFLZ    Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 16-20"/406-508mm
    • 714JFLZ     Electronic Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer: 20-24"/508-609mm
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