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  • Product Code: #V1230MXRL

    Stainless Steel Micrometers - Series 1230M

    Range/Size: 0-1"

    Graduations: .001"

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    Product Description

    V1230MXRL Starrett Stainless Steel Micrometer: 0-25mm

    The Starrett V1230MXRL stainless steel micrometer has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-25mm
    • Graduations: .001mm
    • Accuracy: +/- .002mm
    • Anvil/Spindle Material: Steel
    • Lock Nut Type: Knurled Ring Type
    • Thimble Type: Ratchet


    • Micrometer is made from stainless steel for use under adverse atmospheric and operating conditions
    • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle
    • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
    • Balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling and better readability
    • Gracefully designed tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places
    • Quick and easy adjustment
    • Quick-reading figures – every thousandth numbered on inch tools
    • Reach places most micrometers cannot reach

    Starrett 1230 & 1230M Stainles Steel Micrometers:

    • 1230XRL    Stainless Steel Micrometer: 0-1" (.001")
    • T1230XRL Stainless Steel Micrometer: 0-1" (.0001")
    • V1230MXRL Stainless Steel Micrometer: 0-25mm (.001mm)

    Starrett 1212 & 1212M Stainles Steel Micrometers:

    • 1212XRL   Stainless Steel Micrometer: 1-2" (.001")
    • T1212XRL Stainless Steel Micrometer: 1-2" (.0001")
    • V1212MXRL Stainless Steel Micrometer: 25-50mm (.001mm)
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