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Center Bench W/ V Support – # 4622261

V-support Height: 70mm

Base Size(LxW): 500x110mm

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4622261 Mahr Center Bench W/ V-Support – 818: 70mm

The Mahr 4622261 Center Bench W/ V-Support – 818 has the following specifications:

  • V-support height: 70mm
  • Base Size(LxW): 500x110mm
  • T-Slot Width: 10H7mm
  • Weight: 9.5kg


  • Ideal for quick and accurate concentricity/ run-out checks


  • Flatness of the surface is in accordance to DIN 876/1
  • Two T-slots for Tailstock and / or Support Arm


  • Both Tailstocks can be relocated (slide into position)
  • The Tailstock on the right side has a retractable (spring actuated) precision aligned center
  • The Tailstocks have a peak height of 75mm with a 90° prism for workpieces without a center, to a diameter of 20mm (.79″)

Support Arm 818 XNB:

  • Support arm with one joint
  • with fine adjustment

Mahr Center Benches – 818:

Mahr Center Benches W/ V-Supports – 818:

  • 4622260 Center Bench W/ V-Support: 70mm Base Size 350x110mm
  • 4622261 Center Bench W/ V-Support: 70mm Base Size 500x110mm
  • 4622262 Center Bench W/ V-Support: 120mm

Mahr Center Benches W/ Roller Supports – 818:

  • 4622250 Center Bench W/ Roller Support: 70mm Base Size 350x110mm
  • 4622251 Center Bench W/ Roller Support: 70mm Base Size 500x110mm
  • 4622252 Center Bench W/ Roller Support: 120mm

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