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  • Product Code: #575-336

    Linear Gages LGD Series 575

    Range/Size: .4"

    Graduation: .0005"

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    Product Description

    575-336 Linear Gage LGD Series 575: .4"

    The 575-336 has an accuracy of .001".


    • The LGD is an ultra-compact ABS Linear Gage designed to fit into very tight spaces. It keeps track of its origin point once set.
    • The use of an absolute scale* in the sensor makes it possible to maintain the origin setting even when the power is switched off.
    • Special linear ball bearings are used for the spindle guide to ensure a long service life.
    • Optional thrust stem and tightening nut facilitate setup of the LGD linear gage in holes of a plate or fixture.

    Technical Data:

    • Accuracy: Refer to the list of specifications.
    • Resolution: 1um or .0005"
    • Length standard: Capacitance-type ABSOLUTE linear encoder
    • Max. response speed: Unlimited
    • Contact point: 3mm carbide
    • Stem: 8mm or 15mm
    • Bearing type: Stroke ball bearing
    • Measuring force: Refer to the list of specifications
    • Output signal: Digimatic output
    • External input: Origin-setting signal (Absolute origin position can be changed externally.)
    • Cable length: 80"/2mm

    Applicable Counters:

    • EC counter (542-007A)
    • EB counter (542-093-2)
    • EG counter (542-016)
    • EV counter (542-064)

    Optional Accessories:

    • 238772: 10mm rubber boot (spare)
    • 962504: 25mm rubber boot (spare)
    • 962505: 50mm rubber boot (spare)
    • 02ADC730: 9.5mm Thrust stem set (for 10mm model)
    • 02ADC740: 18mm Thrust stem set (for 25mm/50mm model)
    • 965275*: Digimatic Power Supply Unit
    • 02ADE230: Air lifting units(10mm range)
    • 02ADE250:Air lifting units(25mm range)
    • 02ADE270:Air lifting units(50mm range)
    • * To denote your AC line voltage add the following suffixes to the order No. (e.g.: 965275A):
    • A for UL/CSA, D for CEE, E for BS, F for SAA, DC for China, K for EK, No suffix is required for JIS/100V


    • Force: 1.2N/1.1N/1.0N
    • Stem Dia: 8mm

    The 575-336 has a resolution of .0005".

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