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  • Product Code: #318-227A

    Litematic # 318-227A

    Model: VL-50S-15-B

    Measuring Force: 0.15N

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    Product Description

    318-227A VL-50S-15-B Litematic: Measuring Force 0.15N 

    The Mitutoyo VL-50S-15-B 318-227A Litematic has the following specifications: 

    • Model: VL-50S-15-B
    • Measuring Range: 0-2"/50mm
    • Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1.0µm (.0000005"/.000005"/.00005")
    • Display Unit: 8 digits/14mm (.6") character height (without signs)
    • Detection Method: Reflection-type linear encoder
    • Stroke: 51.5mm (.2") (when using a standard contact point)
    • Indication Accuracy(20°C)*1: (0.5+L/100)µm L=arbitrary measuring length (mm) 
    • Accuracy Guaranteed Temperature*2: 20 ± 1°C 
    • Repeatability*1: o=0.05µm
    • Measuring Force*1: 0.15N (Normal measurement using standard contact point)
    • Feed Speed Measurement: Approx. 2mm/s (.08"/s) or 4mm/s (.16"/s) (changeable by parameter)
    • Fast Feed: Approx. 8mm/s (.3"/s)
    • Standard Contact Point: ø3mm carbide tipped (fixing screw: M2.5 (P=0.45)x5) No.901312 
    • Measuring Table: Dedicated Stand No. 957460 - Sold Separately 
    • Input: Foot switch input (when optional foot switch is used) External Control
    • Output: Digimatic output/RS-232C output (changeable by parameter)
    • Power Supply: 85 264V AC (depends on AC adapter)
    • Power Consumption: Max. 12 W (12V, 1A)
    • Standard Accessories: AC Adapter No.357651, Power cable/grounding wire: No. 02ZAA000, AC cable (USA): No.02ZAA010*, Hex wrench (2 pcs, for fixing contact point and for removing fixing bracket) 


    • The Litematic is designed for measuring easily deformed workpieces and high-precision parts, with extra-low measuring force of 0.01N
    • 0.15N and 1N types are capable of measuring at a certain measuring force by using a Litematic feature, while the 0.01N type is suitable for measuring delicate workpieces.
    • *0.15N, 1N types are factory-installed option.
    • The motor-driven spindle moves up/down and stops when the contact point touches the workpiece. Then the maximum, minimum values and runout value are measured under a constant force.
    • High resolution of 0.01µm, and wide measuring range of 50mm.
    • Measuring system VL-50-B, integrated display type, and VL-50S-B, a separate display type, are available. The VL-50S-B, VL-50S-15-B, and VL-50S-100-B need the dedicated stand No. 957460 to operate.
    • The measuring table supplied with VL-50-B is ceramic and corrosion-free for easier maintenance and storage.
    • The spindle is made of low thermal-expansion material.

    Optional Accessories:

    • 936937: SPC cable (1mm)
    • 965014: SPC cable (2mm)
    • 957460: 300x250mm granite stand with bracket for Litematic Head
    • 101118: Contact point, Shell
    • 120066: Contact point, 0.45mm needle (carbide)
    • 120059: Contact point, 7.0mm spherical (carbide)
    • 120060: Contact point, 10.5mm spherical (carbide)
    • 937179T: Foot switch
    • 264-504-5A: Digimatic Mini-processor DP-1VR
    • 264-012-10: Input tool (for USB port)
    • 02ADM260-2: SENSORPAK (data capture software w/ I/O cable)

    Litematics - Low Force Measurement - 318 Series

    Measuring Table: ø100 ceramic, grooved, removable (Included)

    • 318-221A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 0.01
    • 318-222A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 0.15N*3
    • 318-223A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 1N*3

    Measuring Table: Dedicated Head Stand - No.957460 and is required for gage (Not Included) 

    • 318-226A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 0.01N
    • 318-227A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 0.15N*3
    • 318-228A Litematic Low Force - Measuring Force: 1N*3
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