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    SPI-Tronic Analog Comparator

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    31-842-8 SPI-TRONIC Analog Comparator

    The 31-842-8 is easy to operate Analog Comparator, ideal for the machine shop.


    • 2 independent measuring channel, A and B with 4 single functions: +A, -A, +B, -B and four functions for sum or differential readings: +A+B, +A-B, -A+B and -A-B.
    • Dual scale 3-0-3 and 10-0-10 meter with tolerance markers.
    • Operates with Tesa and Pretec measuring probes.
    • Red, green, and yellow tolerance classification lamps for undersize, o.k. and oversize measuring results.
    • RS 232C data output.
    • Built-in switch for 110V or 220V operation.
    • Externally accessible zero and calibration controls.
    • Size 6" x 8" x 8" high. Weight 7 lbs.
    • Analog; 5 inch and 5 metric measuring ranges.

    The 31-842-8 is splash proof and sealed for dust.

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