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PRODUCT CODE: 04430009

TESATRONIC TT Electronic Gage Amplifiers

Range/Size: See Specs Below

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Product Description

04430009 TESATRONIC TT20

The 04430009 is Swiss made.


  • 2 probe inputs for single, sum or difference measurements.
  • Large LCD display panel, easy to read, reducing errors.
  • Choice of analog or bar display.
  • Ability to set permissible limit values.
  • RS 232 Interface opto-coupled, bidirectional Mains power supply adapter
  • Number of Probe Inputs: 1
  • Number of Measuring Range Settings: 7
  • Lowest Range Value: +/- 5 um
  • Highest Range Value: +/- 5000 um
  • Numerical Interval: 0.1 um
  • Memory: No

The 04430009 has inch/metric conversion.

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