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PRODUCT CODE: 54-440-775-1

Digi-Pro Electronic Protractor # 54-440-775-1

Range: 360 degrees

Resolution: .05 degrees

Price: $132.76 $122.14
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Product Description

54-440-775-1 Fowler Digi-Pro Electronic Protractors: 12″ Arm Length

The Fowler 54-440-775-1 Digi-Pro Electronic Protractor has the following specifications:

  • Arm Length: 12″
  • Range: Full 360?
  • Resolution: .05?
  • Accuracy: +/- .2?
  • Repeatability: +/- .05?
  • Magnetic Pull: 25 lbs

The Fowler Digi-Pro electronic protractor includes embedded magnets for unique measurement areas. On/Off, Zero, Hold and Reverse feature to invert the display for easier reading in certain situations. The Digi-Pro is ideal to have around any fabrication shop.  The built in magnets make this a great protractor for fabrication shops and makes obtaining an angle measurement fast and accurate. The Fowler DIGI-PRO Protractor is ideal if you need to make fast and accurate angular measurements.

Features :

  • Built in magnetic inserts
  • Display can be inverted
  • Voltage: Standard 3V lithium battery

Fowler Digi-Pro Electronic Protractors available online :

  • 54-440-740-1 Digi-Pro Electronic Protractor with 4″ arms
  • 54-440-775-1 Digi-Pro Electronic Protractor with 12″ arms

A short video on the Fowler 54-440-775-1 Digi-Pro Electronic Protractor:

  • What is included with the gage
  • Quick product overview

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