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    54-950-001 Fowler zCAT Coordinate Measuring Machine

    The Fowler 54-950-001 zCAT DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine has the following specifications:

    • Working Volume: X and Y 700mm diameter, Z 250mm
    • Diametral Accuracy (um): 3.0 + (D/ 100mm
    • Linear Accuracy (um): 5.0 + (L/ 100mm
    • Fixturing Accuracy Requirement: 5mm
    • Machine Speed: User controlled to 150 mmps
    • Machine Air Requirement: None required
    • Construction: Stainless steel for all structural components
    • Machine Power Requirements: 100-240 V AC+/-10%, 50-60Hz
    • Battery Life: 4 hours
    • Power Consumption: Peak 15 W, normal 10 W
    • Manual Motion Control: User controlled by hand movement of probe
    • Controller: Onboard PCB provides motion control, error mapping, |++ interface and ControlCAT metrology software
    • Temperature Compensation: Onboard monitoring and compensation
    • Probe Type: TP20 probe
    • Machine Weight: 13.6kg, 30lbs
    • Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)


    • Calibration Sphere Included
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Reusable Shipping Container
    • Standard 1 year warranty

    Fowler zCAT Coordinate Measuring Machine & Accessories:

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