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Starrett Hardened Steel Combination Squares with Square Heads -Series 33H – Inch/Metric

Product Code: 33MEH-300
MFGID: 33MEH-300

Brand: Starrett

Blade Size: 300mm and 11-3/4"

Graduations: 1/2mm and 32nds One Side; mm and 64ths Reverse Side

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Product Description

33MEH-300 Starrett Steel Combination Square with Square Head: 300mm and 11-3/4″

The Starrett 33MEH-300 combination square with square head has the following specifications:


The Starrett 300mm and 11-3/4″ Combination Squares with Square Head have the same features as the 11 Series except that the square heads are forged hardened steel with smooth, black enamel finish.

Starrett 33MEH Series Combination Squares with Steel Heads: Regular Finish

Starrett 33MEH Series Combination Squares with Steel Heads: Satin Chrome Finish


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