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    Portable Surface Roughness Testers

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    14-416-2 Portable Surface Roughness Tester with 0.0002" Probe

    The 14-416-2 has the following technical specifications:

    • Overall Dimension: Approx. 5.5" x 3" x 1"
    • Measuring Range: Ra - 1u to 250u" / 0.01um to 6.35um
    • Measuring Range: Rz* - 8u"u to 999u" / 0.2um to 25.0um
    • Display Resolution: 1u"/.01um
    • Max Stylus Force: 1500mfg/15.0mN

    The SPI portable surface roughness tester is truly a durable portable profilometer that can be used in a lab type environment or out on the shop floor. The SPI portable profilometer is available with either a .0002" or .0004" radius probe but also have several specialty probes for other surface roughness applications. The great part about the SPI surface roughness gage is that the probes can take measurements in a variety of different orientations. Included with each surface roughness gage is a calibrated roughness specimen to be able to check the accuracy of the gage prior to using on your parts. Once calibrated, the surface roughness gage is ready to take measurements.

    The SPI 14-416-2 portable surface roughness gage meets ANSI, ISO, DIN & Mil specifications.


    • Ra - average roughness.
    • Rz - (RTM) mean roughness depth (DIN).
    • Roughness in microinch or micrometers.
    • Digital display located on top.
    • Includes probe and standard (NIST traceable).
    • Easy to read LCD readout.
    • Out of range Hi/Low indicator.
    • Low battery indicator.
    • Uses 9V battery for approx. 3000 measurements.
    • Furnished in fitted case.

    Optional probes:

    • Standard Probes: Used for most of your surface roughness measurements. The .0002" is recommended when taking readings in Rz per the DIN 4768.
    • Small Bore Probes: Measure small bores with a minimum ID of .197"/5mm and up to .590"/15mm deep.
    • Traverse Chisel Probe: Gage sharp edges or small OD where the probe is parallel to the edge being measured.
    • Parallel Chisel Probe: Gage sharp edges or small OD where the probe is perpendicular to axis of traverse
    • Groove Bottom Probe: Measure the bottom of "O" ring grooves and holes up to depths of .236"/6mm
    • Stand: To hold the surface roughness tester at a required angle with 4" of height adustment

    Note: Higher Precision strongly recommends purchasing the stand in addition to the surface roughness tester.

    SPI Portable Surface Roughness Testers & Accessories:

    • 14-416-2 Portable Surface Roughness Tester with .0002" Probe
    • 14-415-4 Portable Surface Roughness Tester with .0004" Probe
    • 14-417-0 Standard Probe: .0004"
    • 14-418-8 Standard Probe: .0002"
    • 14-419-6 Small Bore Probe: .0004"
    • 14-420-4 Small Bore Probe: .0002"
    • 14-421-2 Traverse Chisel Probe
    • 14-422-0 Parallel Chisel Probe
    • 14-423-8 Groove Bottom Probe
    • 14-424-6 Stand
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