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    Surface Roughness Tester Profilometer # SRG-4000

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    Product Description

    SRG-4000 Portable Surface Roughness Tester Profilometer

    The latest in state-of-the-art surface roughness testers profilometer, the SRG-4000 is designed with the shop environment in mind. These surface roughness testers profilometer are distinguished by a high level of accuracy, multiple parameters and simplicity of operation. Extremely sensitive and highly accurate readings from this Phase II surface roughness tester are offered via multiple surface roughness profilometer parameters, Ra, Rq(Rms), Rt and Rz.

    The diamond stylus is hypersensitive and sophisticated enough to allow for a .001 (um) micron display resolution. The SRG-4000 surface roughness testers profilometer utilize an easy interface to allow for changes of in/mm (uin/um), cutoff length, sampling length, parameters, level of test(stylus position), digital filters and more! Measurement results are displayed as large characters on the LCD screen for easy recognition. Battery powered portability allows the SRG-4000 surface roughness testers profilometer to mobilize productivity throughout the shop.

    Optional accessories available for the SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Tester Profilometer include:

    • 2 micron Stylus
    • Extension Rod
    • Stand
    • NIST certified surface roughness standard

    Technical Specifications:

    • Surface Roughness Parameters:   Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt
    • Assessed Profiles: Primary profile(p), Roughness profile(R) tp curve (Mr)
    • Conformance Standards:   ISO/DIN/JIS/ANSI
    • Measuring System:  Metric and Imperial
    • Display Resolution:
      • +/-20 microns = 0.001 microns
      • +/-40 microns = 0.002 microns
      • +/-80 microns = 0.004 microns
    • Display Range:
      • Ra, Rq: 0.005 microns up to 16 microns
      • Rz, Rt: 0.02 microns up to 160 microns
    • Pick Up Measuring Range: +/- 80 microns
    • Sensor Specifications: 5 micron Diamond Tip Stylus
    • Sensor Angle: 90 degrees
    • Contact Force: 4mN (0.4gf)
    • Display features:
      • Stylus position sensor
      • Battery level indicator
      • Direct display of parameters
      • Direct printing
      • Auto-off with auto store
    • Data output RS 232 to printer/PC
    • Tracing length Lt 1.3mm - 17.5mm
    • Digital Filter :  PC-RC, GUASSIAN, D-P
    • Detector Diamond tip radius 5 micron
    • Power Li-Ion battery (<50gf)
    • Working temperature 5-40 degrees C.
    • Dimensions: 139mm x 56mm x 48mm
    • Weight 450g

    Features Include:

    • Menu driven operating system
    • 4 Different roughness parameters
    • Inside/Outside Diameters
    • Stylus position indicator
    • RS 232 output to printer/PC
    • Extended memory functions
    • Compact durable carrying case
    • Includes roughness standard
    • Incudes instruction manual

    To see a video on the Phase II SRG-4000 portable surface roughness tester profilometer: Click Here

    If you have any questions about the SRG-4000 Surface Roughness Tester or want to see if this gage will work for a specific application, please call, live chat or email us at info@higherprecision.com.

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