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Mitutoyo Quick Mini # 700-118-20 | Product Demo

Hi this is Mike with Higher Precision and today we're gonna be looking at the Mitutoyo quick mini and that's a SKU number 700-118-20.


Okay now let's take a look at the Quick Mini features. This tool the first thing you can see on here is a small compact design which makes it easy if you're moving it around on a shop floor or say you have it in a laboratory. The next thing you can see on here is the lever on the top which allows us to be easy to open and close the anvil. This is great because if you are measuring something five, ten, fifty, hundred times throughout the day if you're using a micrometer and you have to use the ratchet it's gonna get old doing it five, six, seven times. It's also a pain trying to line that up and check the measurement you also might tend to cheat leave it half cranked open go to slide in your piece and ding up your anvil and now you're throwing off the measurement completely. Another great thing with this is it's a 0-.500" range +/- .001" accuracy and it also has a resolution of .0005". A last note on this is the electronics on it, it's only four buttons and simple to use. So we're actually gonna take a deeper look now and just how to use these electronics.

The Mitutoyo Quick Mini has a simple four button display. You can see here on the bottom left your on/off, and you have your inch/metric, your origin if the battery dies, and you put a new battery in you hit this just to set the scale to origin to zero, and your actual zero. Click the zero here why it's close just to check. I have a 60 thou pin gage here I'm going to put in. Reads out to .060", just check the repeatability. If you do have a master and you would like to zero it on the master. So when you put the part in a check you can just set it here. Say we take out the master I take another pin gauge off the line, open it, I would know this is in spec. If it was reading under or over I know the part is no good.

This is the 700-118-20 Mitutoyo Quick mini, if you have any other questions or need any more other information please feel free to reach out to us at Higherprecision.com and until next time we look forward to speaking with you.


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