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Mitutoyo Uni-Mike | Product Overview

Hi this is Mike with Higher Precision today we're gonna be taking a look at the Mitutoyo Electronic Uni Mic with interchangeable anvils part number 317-351-30.


So the gage we are looking at today is the Mitutoyo Electronic Uni Mic with interchangeable anvils. We currently have a flat anvil placed in the Mic. This Mic is great for checking things such as tube thickness, rivet head heights, shoulder length distances. You also will see that this tool is IP65 rating which is great. And it weighs about a pound so or maybe a little bit less so it's easy to move. And now that we've kind of taking a look at the quick features let's take a look at the overall specifications and its overall design.

Electronics Walk-through

So now we're going to take a look at the electronics, the design, and the specifications of the Uni Mic. So you can see here we have it in a micrometer holder this is for stability and accuracy. We have four buttons on the electronics. You have your origin in case the battery dies and you need to reset it. Your zeroing which we can already see is done on the display. A hold button which is if you're taking a measurement and you're worried about again moving so you have to write this down or need to enter the data somewhere. When you unrolled it the scale re-align itself and then the inch and metric button which lets you toggle between the two. Looking at the design you can see here we have a friction thimble and they also use a metric on here. You can see this is the flat anvil that's currently in there also a rod anvil and two other optional accessories you can purchase the V-Anvil or the Disc Anvil. You can unscrew this to take the anvil out, and there's also a locking screw up here you put in will keep the anvil from moving.

Now going over the specifications for this gauge we have a range of zero to one inch or you can see 25.4mm. We have an accuracy of two tenths or five microns and please take into consideration with the accuracy when you're swapping out these anvils that could vary so please be aware. An a resolution of fifty millionths or one micron, and that is overall look at this gage.

So that wraps up taking a look at the overall specs and features of the Mitutoyo Electronic Uni Mic with interchangeable anvils. If you have any other questions or need any other information please feel free to reach out to me or my associate Nick at HigherPrecision.com and we're more than happy to help you. Take care.


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