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Fowler Lifetime Warranty

Since 1946, Fowler has been on the cutting edge of supplying the highest quality and innovative precision measurement tools to its most globally trusted distributors. Fowler proudly stands behind their slogan which states, “Fowler Tools and Instruments – A Standard of Quality and Accuracy.”

Fowler is proud to announce the arrival of several great Swiss made products from Sylvac that are now carrying a “Lifetime Warranty”. This lifetime warranty will ensure you will have the exceptional quality and reliability of your Fowler product for a lifetime! If there is an issue with your Lifetime Warranty product at any time, Fowler will repair or replace it with the most current model free of charge. You can’t ask for better return on your investment than an offer like this. Just like Fowler proudly states, “No Gimmicks, No Hurdles, and No Nonsense”.

Below are the available Fowler lifetime warranty precision measurement tools:


  • 54-530-135    .5”/12.5mm IP67 Mark VI Advanced Indicator
  • 54-530-155    1.0”/25mm IP67 Mark VI Advanced Indicator
  • 54-530-335    .5”/12.5mm IP67 Mark VI Blue Tooth Indicator
  • 54-530-355    1.0”/25mm IP67 Mark VI Blue Tooth Indicator
  • 54-530-535    .5”/12.5mm IP67 Mark VI Analog Display Indicator
  • 54-530-555    1.0”/25mm IP67 Mark VI Analog Display Indicator



  • 54-815-030    0-1.18”/0-30mm Rapid-Mic IP67 Micrometer
  • 54-815-060    1.18”-2.6”/30-66mm Rapid-Mic IP67 Micrometer
  • 54-815-100    2.6”-4.0”/66-102mm Rapid-Mic IP67 Micrometer

Micrometer Kits

  • 54-815-111    0-4.0”/0-102mm Rapid-Mic IP67 Micrometer

So…..what are you waiting for? Don’t waste a moment to capitalize on this amazing opportunity. Purchase your lifetime warranty Fowler precision measurement tool. And as always purchase Fowler products and other great products from HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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