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Fowler Mobile Tech Center

Fowler High Precision was originally founded in 1946. One of the top suppliers of inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment, Fowler is dedicated to making and distributing the highest quality tools while promoting innovation and progress. At Fowler High Precision, the consumer is at the heart of what they do. Each and every employee is well trained and highly qualified in the tools and equipment they sell. Now, the Fowler Mobile Tech Center, or MTC, takes their devotion to customer service to a more accessible level.

The Fowler MTC is a customized motor coach that functions as a traveling showroom. This 40 foot mobile facility contains a core selection of tools and instruments and moves around the country to bring a hands-on experience to existing or potential customers. With the Mobile Tech Center, Fowler hopes to bring their products to the people, so that they might try them firsthand. In a world where so much business is conducted online or even over the phone, the MTC creates the opportunity to see the technologies in person that Fowler has worked so hard to develop. At Fowler, they are confident in the quality of their products, and they are proud to show guests how to use them and how well they work. Spreading information about their world-class products, the Fowler Mobile Tech Center gives those who visit it a complete experience.

Visitors to the MTC get the opportunity to get help with challenging metrology questions and to get hands on experience using the measurement tools. Stocked with a variety of devices, the Fowler Mobile Tech Center is ready to exhibit products and answer questions. Some of the equipment available onboard includes: Fowler-Trimose horizontal and vertical gages, the Fowler-Baty Vision System, Fowler-Bowers bore gages and specialty gages, Fowler-Sylvac lifetime warranty hand tools, Fowler-Sylvac height gages, Fowler-Sylvac probes, Fowler-Sylvac readouts, and the Fowler-Wyler high precision inclination systems. There are gage systems, probe systems, calipers, bench gages, microgages, measuring systems and more!

Fowler created the Mobile Tech Center with their customers in mind. This unique traveling showroom provides a chance to test your parts using original Fowler instruments. Furthermore, the MTC offers an opportunity to get hand-on experience with numerous high-end products that you may be considering purchasing or just would like to test out. Even better, the staff aboard the MTC is there to help you solve any big or small measuring challenge you might be facing. Whether you are a customer, a distributor, or just a metrologist, the Fowler MTC is an amazing opportunity. If you are interested in scheduling the Fowler Mobile Tech Center, visit their website and complete the Fowler Request Form today!

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