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Fowler Now Offering Lifetime Warranty

You might want to sit down for this. Really, take a seat, because we have amazing news for you. Fowler High Precision is now offering a lifetime warranty on select products made by Fowler and Sylvac. That’s right, you heard us, a lifetime warranty – that covers you and your precision measurement tool for life. Fowler customers love the quality and reliability of Fowler products, and Fowler loves its customers. Now, Fowler is putting its confidence in its line of products into the foreground with the first of its kind in the industry – a lifetime warranty.

Fowler has been serving the metrology community for 68 years now. For over 7 decades, the quality of Fowler products has held strong and they insist on only producing precision measurement tools that you can trust. Pairing innovation with high-grade production, Fowler is always one step ahead. Now they are pushing the boundaries once again by introducing a lifetime warranty on a selection of tools. Never before has an industrial measurement tool supplier like Fowler put a lifetime warranty on its equipment. Fowler knows its products, and it knows what its customers deserve. By creating the lifetime warranty, Fowler is assuring customers everywhere once again of the high quality of every precision measurement tool they build. Fowler products are the best-made tools you can buy, and they are proving it by adding on a lifetime warranty.

Fowler High Precision has it all. Each and every one of their products comes with the highest level of quality and accuracy. The precision measurement tools that Fowler makes are the most dependable on the market. Whether you need micrometers, calipers, depth gages, tool sets, indicators, displays and probes, bases and stands, bore gages, height gages, horizontal measurement and calibration tools, inside and outside measurement tools, levels and protractors, materials testing tools, zCat DCC CMM, optical measurement tools, reference masters, software, automotive tools, shop tools, or parts, Fowler supplies the highest-grade tools made for metrology. Beyond their actual products, Fowler also offers world-class customer service and will handle any issue you have with expertise and kindness. The culmination of quality can be seen in this new, one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty.

The lifetime warranty is on a select assortment of Fowler and Sylvac products and is available through a limited group of premier distributors. This warranty applies to certain calipers, indicators, and micrometers. As some of the most basic and regularly used tools, these measurement products will go through a lot of use. Fowler is confident that their products can stand the test of time and they are ready to back each of these with their new lifetime warranty. The specific products available with the lifetime warranty include: Mark VI Electronic Indicators (with Integrated Bluetooth Technology or with Analog display), the Ultra-Cal V Electronic Caliper, and the Rapid-Mic Electronic Micrometer. If you are interested in getting a lifetime warranty or purchasing one of these products, reach out to your Fowler distributer today!

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