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Fowler-Sylvac Calipers / Micrometers / Indicators – LIFETIME WARRANTY

The Fowler Tool-A-Thon Volume 16.2 has just been released and includes hundreds of tools on sale until August 31, 2016. Three times a year, Fowler releases one of their Tool-A-Thon promotions which includes some of their best selling products along with new products just being released to customers. With discounts up to 40% off of list price, the Fowler Tool-A-Thon Volume 16.2 includes deals that can make any machinist go crazy.

Fowler includes their best-selling products in each Tool-A-Thon: Micrometers, calipers, depth gages, indicators, height gages, bore gages, gage blocks, rules, squares, reference gages, hardness testers and more. On top of the best-selling products, Fowler is starting to include some of their higher-end precisions measurement tools such as the Bowers Bluetooth Pistol Grip Bore Gages, Trimos V3, V4, & V5 Electronic Height Gages, Sylvac Hi Cal Electronic Height Gages and the X-Pro Surface Roughness Gages. With deals starting at just a couple of dollars, take a minute and check out some of the deals in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon Volume 16.2 promotion.

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Higher Precision’s Top 10 Recommendations for the Fowler Tool-A-Thon Volume 16.2:

  1. 54-100-067-1 Sylvac Ultra-Cal V: 0-6”/150mm with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  2. 54-100-167 Sylvac BLUETOOTH Ultra-Cal V: 0-6”/150mm with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  3. 54-815-030 Sylvac Rapid_Mic: 0-1.18”/30mm with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  4. 54-815-130 Sylvac BLUETOOTH Rapid_Mic: 0-1.18”/30mm with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  5. 54-410-500 X-Pro Surface Roughness Tester: .0004” Probe
  6. 54-530-155 Sylvac Mark VI Electronic Indicator: 0-1”/25.mm with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  7. 52-646-500 Xtender Dial Bore Gage: 1.4-6.0” (.0001”)
  8. 52-215-006-1 Outside Micrometer Set: 0-6”
  9. 53-646-000-1 Bore Gage Setting Master Kit: 0-6”
  10. 52-174-212 Twin Beam Dial Height Gage: 0-12”

If you have an specific questions on a Fowler Tool-a-Thon Volume 16.2 product, please contact our inside sales department and we would be happy to assist you.

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