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Fowler/Bowers Holematic XT Extreme Bore Gage – Special Application #2: Groove Measuring Head

The Fred V. Fowler Company is one of the leading suppliers of customized bore gage heads in the United States. The Fowler/Bowers Holematic XT Bore Gages can have anvils customized to measure all types of internal grooves. The special groove heads have to be used with either the Holematic XT Extreme Pistol Grip readout or the Holematic XT Extreme Electronic Holemike readout which both have a resolution of .00005”/.001mm. Fowler and Bowers do not recommend using these special heads with their analog readouts. There are many applications where an operator has to measure some type of internal groove with a high degree of accuracy, and these custom groove heads are the perfect gage for the job.

For quoting purposes, a customer can email a part drawing to their distributor or Fowler directly. The print must be legible and clearly show the bore and groove dimensions. There are a few critical dimensions that need to be taken into consideration.

  • What is the entry diameter of the bore (tolerances included)?
  • What is the groove diameter (tolerances included)?
  • Is there any corner radii on the groove (tolerances included)?

Once these three pieces of critical information are analyzed and are within the feasible limitations of the Fowler/Bowers product line, a quote will be provided. Many of the special XT groove heads can be quoted in just a few days and typically has a delivery of about 7-8 weeks. If you are interested in a quote for a special Fowler/Bowers groove head, please email info@higherprecision.com.

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