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Great YouTube Videos

A few weeks ago I started doing some research online to see if I could find some interesting videos to share with our visitors pertaining to the metrology industry. After looking around for about twenty minutes, I realized that there are very few videos of measuring instruments, machining or metrology in general. When I was about to call it quits, I then stumbled upon the YouTube channel “machiningmoments” and finally found what I was looking for.

Machiningmoments is a YouTube channel created by Brad Kingdon, an instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. After watching his videos, I contacted Brad and we have been exchanging e-mails over the past few weeks. He explained to me that he created this YouTube channel as a resource for his students to review material covered in his classes. Needless to say, one can certainly see that Brad is a great instructor and really goes the extra mile for his students… but back to his videos.

The main reason that Brad’s videos stood out to me was the quality and amount of information in each video. The camera is always focused directly on whatever the topic of the video is. With so many years of experience in the metrology industry and teaching machining, Brad really packs each video with an abundance of great information and I have been learning quite a bit by watching his videos—but I’m not the only one. Brad’s YouTube channel has over 33,000 views and a lot of positive feedback from not only his students, but people all over the world.

I want to thank Brad for his outstanding work for his students and followers on YouTube. He has become a pioneer for videos for the metrology industry.

You can see Brad’s videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/machiningmoments

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