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Product Highlights: Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator

The Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator is going to change the way you measure alignment. The very first patented wireless test indicator, the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator takes the field of precision measurement to another level of accuracy. This tool was built specifically to help you center parts that are large in size. Even more, this indicator is the perfect device to help you center parts that are located in dangerous positions. Once you start using the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator, you will not want to use anything else!

The Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator consists of two main parts—the receiver and the transmitter. The receiver displays the displacement of a stylus located on one end of the transmitter. The readout interface uses a bright OLED display, and can show measurements in either English or Metric modes. The stylus on the transmitter comes in 4 different lengths, each of which is reversible. The whole device runs on standard batteries and automatically shuts off when not in use for 15 minutes, in order to save power. Additionally, there is a battery use counter on the main display to alert you when you need to change the batteries.

The most unique feature of all is the wireless capability of the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator. With high accuracy up to a 30 foot range, this one-of-a-kind tool allows accommodation for a variety of remote measurement needs. Each of the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator units is compliant with Zigbee transmission protocol requirements, allowing multiple indicators to be used within the same vicinity. The versatility of the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator allows it to be used as either a test or a dial indicator. The wireless capacity is ideal for centering parts that are particularly large in diameter and depth. Furthermore, this amazing tool is perfect for measurements in more dangerous locations, keeping the operator at a safe distance.

Many professions and fields are benefited by the creation of the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator. Machinists used to have to take creative and potentially risky steps to complete measurements using a traditional dial indicator. This was especially tricky when they might be blinded to a particular area or when the indicators required rotation past where the machinist could see. These methods would often be time consuming and dangerous. Now, with the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator machinists are at ease. Centering parts on a milling machine or taking readings from within a bore are now no challenge. No tool can compare when it comes to accurate remote measurements. Toolmakers, lab technicians, engineers, metrologists, and more will never go back once they experience the elegance of the one and only Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator.

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