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QuadraTest Vs. The Vyndicator

For almost a decade, the Fowler/Sylvac QuadraTest Electronic Test Indicator was one of the only electronic test indicators available on the market. Introduced to the US market around 2003, the QuadraTest has remained one of Fowler’s best selling products. Manufactured by Sylvac, this electronic test indicator is known for the easy-to-use two button electronics and great RS-232 output. The QuadraTest Electronic Test Indicator has some unique features that customers are attracted to:

  • Available in two different length contact points
  • IP65 Protected
  • Direct RS-232 output

In 2012, Hagenhoff LLC introduced the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator to the US market and is becoming very popular in machine shops and manufacturing facilities. Different from the QuadraTest and every other electronic test indicator on the market, the Vyndicator has a remote display with a 30’ transmission range. The Vyndicator is the first electronic test indicator sold with a remote display and is sold at a great price. Prior to the Vyndicator, if a operator wanted to hook up an electronic test indicator to a remote display, there were two options. The operator could connect the electronic indicator directly to a remote display or he or she could hook the indicator up to a laptop or PC and use that as the display. The Vynidator is ideal for the applications such as deep hole boring or when the operator cannot physically see the gage itself.

If you have any questions about the QuadraTest or Vyndicator, please email info@higherprecision.com.

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