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SPI Certified Right Out of the Box

Since 1956, Swiss Precision Instruments (SPI) has offered quality precision measurement tools to its valued customers. SPI stands by the operating formula of quality, value, and speedy delivery. An advantage associated with SPI that stands out among their competitors is their emphasis on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certification.

NIST certification is necessary as it supports and establishes precise measurement standards for specific products. How does this relate to SPI and many of their products? Well……..the answer is simple! SPI packages many of their products to be certified right out of the box!

Now we can use a real world example to highlight this process. A manufacturing facility that specializes in the production of metallic automotive parts needs to purchase a micrometer to ensure precise measurement of their manufactured parts. An SPI IP54 Outside Electronic Micrometer would be a great precision measurement tool for the job. Not only will this micrometer facilitate the precision and quality control necessary to manufacture these parts, but it also comes certified right out of the box! SPI products including NIST certification eliminates a step needed when purchasing precision measurement tools as customers do not have to send out their newly acquired gages to be calibrated or certified. With SPI NIST Certification, there is no need to spend valuable time and resources to professionally calibrate your newly acquired tool. NIST certified right out of the box from SPI right to your door! Open and use immediately the way it should be!

So what are you waiting for? Purchase SPI products and other great products from HigherPrecision.com for all your precision measurement tool needs!

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