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SPI Quick-Action Electronic Micrometer

A few years ago, SPI introduced a new type of micrometer to the US market and it is starting to gain popularity. The SPI Quick-Action Electronic Micrometer opens and closes the anvils by activating a lever and not having to turn a thimble as you need to on 99% of micrometers. The user can fully open and close the anvils in less than a second by activating the lever so this gage will save companies a lot more time that is spent measuring products.

I am usually not the type of person who goes running for the new technology that is out, but the SPI Quick-Action Electronic Micrometer may be worth getting sooner than later. The Quick-Action was one of those precision measurement tools that you do not necessarily need, but more of a tool that I wanted and was pleased with when I received it. The quick-action micrometer does allow users to measure a large volume of parts compared to using a standard micrometer as a lot of time is saved by not having to open and close the anvils by turning the thimble. The micrometer operates similar to an indicating micrometer, but can use the full range of the micrometer rather than only a fraction of the range. My only question in regards to this micrometer would be regarding the measuring force and how much measuring force is applied each time you close the anvils.


10-800-1 Technical Specifications:

  • Range: 0-1″/0-25mm
  • Resolution: 0.00005″/0.001mm
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.00016″/0.004mm
  • Spindle dia.: 0.255″/6.5mm

10-800-1 Features:

  • Fully opens and closes in less than one second
  • Lever activated – thimble non-functional
  • Carbide faced non-rotating spindle
  • IP65 Protected
  • Inch/Metric Conversion
  • Absolute and Incremental measuring modes
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Ball attachment included
  • USB data output
  • Furnished in fitted case.

In conclusion, we were pleased to see the first generation of the SPI Quick-Action Electronic Micrometer and our customers were as well. It is a handy little gage that will save companies a lot of time which can directly translate into saved money. Will the next generation includes size over 0-1”/25mm or have any other bells or whistles? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

10-800-1 SPI Quick-Action Electronic Micrometer: Buy Here

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