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As with any precision measurement tool, checking your v-block regularly is a vital part of maintenance and will help to ensure that you are able to continue to take precise measurement and make accurate adjustments to parts. Before using your v-block for the first time, you should always check that the vee channel is properly parallel. Any issues that occurred during design or production that result in the groove not being parallel could impact the accuracy of your work process. The parallel structure of the v-block should also continue to be checked after usage. You will want to check the v-block regularly for any dents, nicks, scratches, or burrs that could impact your use of the tool. Any tiny amount of warping or wearing will have a lasting impact on how precise your measurements and adjustments are when using the v-block. Also keep in mind that following a lot of use, the cylindrical workpieces that come into contact with the v-block could cause convex wearing on the sides of the tool. You may have to get your v-block repaired or replaced when this happens.
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