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Just like any precision measurement tool, you will want to make sure you take good care of your dial test indicator to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and is in good condition. Likely, when you purchased your dial test indicator it came with some sort of case. If it did not, you should get a case in which to keep it when not in use. Additionally, when not in use, you will want to store your dial test indicator in a location that does not get too hot or too cold. When using your indicator, do not use any lubrication on the spindle, as this may result in the accumulation of dust and other particles that will make it not work properly and make measurement errors. Dial test indicators are designed such that lubrication is not necessary. However, if you are experiencing trouble with the movement of the spindle on your dial test indicator, you can clean the surface with a dry or alcohol-soaked cloth.
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