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The three major advantages of the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit are a reduction in cost, centralized management of data, and an overall improvement in efficiency. While initiation of wireless data transfer can be complicated, this instrument can be added to any Digimatic device, reducing initial cost of implementation. Additionally, the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is able to be added to tools you likely already have since it is compatible with all Mitutoyo tools with Digimatic functionality. Both initial and running costs are reduced with this system configuration. All measurement data collected using the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is transmitted, organized, and stored in a central computerized location. The program software automatically uses visualization techniques and data analysis to maintain quality and prevent defective product generation. Finally, the streamlined system of which the Mitutoyo U-Wave Fit is a part makes all of your measurement operations significantly more efficient.

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