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Setting a bore gage is a common occurrence in most fields of metrology. While the method you choose to use will vary depending on the circumstance, there are some basic factors to keep in mind no matter how you are setting a bore gage. Keeping your tools clean is vital. This means both your bore gage as well as any tool you are using as a reference point to set it. Removing dust and debris will ensure a more accurate measurement. Also, keep in mind your own skill level. Depending on the tools you have around and your familiarity with the various ways to set a bore gage, your decision on which method to use might change based on context. Different measurement tasks call for different degrees of accuracy. Know the importance of setting the bore gage properly and whether you will be able to do so before deciding how. Particularly when accuracy is key, having a partner to check your measurements is always a great idea. We are all susceptible to human error. Having someone cross-check the way you have set your bore gage is a good habit that helps ensure measurement precision.

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