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Starrett S781BXTKZ AccuBore Bore Gage Set: 4.00-6.00″

Product Code: S781BXTKZ

Brand: Starrett

Range: 4-6"/100-150mm

Resolution: .00005"/.001mm

$5,047.00 $4,946.06
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Product Description

S781BXTKZ Starrett AccuBore Pistol Grip Electronic Bore Gage Set: 4-6″/100-150mm

The Starrett S781BXTKZ AccuBore Pistol Grip Electronic Bore Gage Set has the following specifications:

AccuBore is a high-quality, trigger-activated, two-point and three-point contact bore gaging system with extended range. Its convenient single-hand operation provides speed and control. Simply squeeze the trigger, insert the gage into the bore and release the trigger for an instant reading from the large, easy-to-read digital display. What makes AccuBore superior to other gages are features like the mechanically driven parallel anvils which extend simultaneously, establishing a more true alignment to the axis of the bore. This provides consistent pressure, resulting in more accurate readings than models with spring-driven contacts which are subject to pressure variations. Speed and convenience are further enhanced by the repositionable AccuBore� indicator, which may be swiveled and rotated for left, right hand or even vertical viewing. The gage also features a set of “Go/No-Go” lights in the readout display that quickly indicates whether a bore measurement is within a preset tolerance.

The Starrett S781BXTKZ AccuBore Pistol Grip Electronic Bore Gage Set is made up of the following:


Starrett 781BXT AccuBore Electronic Pistol Grip Bore Gages:


Individual Ranges:


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