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PRODUCT CODE: 54-100-332

EURO-CAL IV Electronic Caliper # 54-100-332

Range/Size: 0-12"/300mm

Graduations: .0005"/.01mm

Price: $234.23 $215.50
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Product Description

54-100-332 Fowler Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper: 0-12″/300mm

The Fowler 54-100-332 Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper has the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-12″/300mm
  • Resolution: .0005″ / .01mm / 1/64ths
  • Accuracy: +/- .0015″/.03mm


  • Caliper reads in inch/metric as well as fractions down to 1/64th
  • Direct inch/metric/fraction conversion
  • Absolute/Incremental measurement
  • Water resistant to IP54 standards.
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 4-way measuring
  • Includes molded plastic case.

The Fowler 54-100-332 Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper is on sale in the current Fowler Tool-A-Thon promo. The Euro-Cal IV was one of the first electronic calipers available in the US that allowed users to measure in fractions out to 1/64ths. Most machinists would say that fractions are not accurate enough but we have received feedback from many other industries that having an electronic readout in fractions if very helpful.

The Euro-Cal IV electronic caliper does not have RS-232 output. Previous generations of the Euro-Cal were manufactured in Switzerland by Sylvac and was advertised as having direct RS-232 output. If you are in need of a electronic caliper with great RS-232 output, HigherPrecision recommends one of the Sylvac calipers.

Fowler Euro-Cal IV Electronic calipers:

  • 54-100-330-1 Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper: 0-6”/150mm
  • 54-100-331    Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper: 0-8”/200mm
  • 54-100-332    Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper: 0-12”/300mm

A short video on the Fowler 54-100-332 Euro-Cal IV Electronic Caliper:

  • What is included with the gage
  • Quick product overview

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