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Sylvac Calipers

HigherPrecision.com is proud to offer a large variety of Sylvac Calipers that are available for online purchase. If you are having trouble trying to locate a specific Sylvac Caliper, please email info@higherprecision.com, call 800-469-0132, or live chat with one of our technical support experts. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and can help you find the right Sylvac Caliper for your specific measurement application.

Sylvac calipers are hands down the best quality electronic calipers avaiable on the market today. Some may say that is a bold statement but for eveyone else who has had the plasure of using Sylvac calipers, that statement makes perfect sence. Sylvac has been one of the industry leaders for electronic calipers when it introduced the Ultra Cal II to the world over 25 years ago.

Since the Ultra-Cal II, Sylvac has released 3 more generations of the Ultra-Cal calipers over the years. Each gerneation has a few more bells and whistles than the previous and better data output. Sylvac is known throughout the industry for their great electronics for data collection. All Sylvac calipers can be hooked up to a PC with either a serial or USB cable. Bluetooth communicaion is also available on the Ultra-Cal V generation. The Ultralight III and new Ultralight IV calipers are great for large dimensions as they only weight a few pounds each.

Brand: Sylvac

Type of Product: Caliper

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