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V3 Electronic Height Gages

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Product Description

54-192-340 Fowler-Trimos V3 Electronic Height Gage: 0-16″/407mm

The Fowler-Trimos 54-192-340 V3 Electronic Height Gage has the following specifications:

  • Measuring Range: 0-16″/407mm
  • Measuring Range with Inverted Probe: 0-20″/508mm
  • Resolution: .00005″/.001mm
  • Maximum Permissible Errors: .00032″/.008mm
  • Frontal Squareness Deviation: .0004″/.010mm
  • Air Cushion: No

The new Trimos V3 electronic height gage was developed to be used in the harshest workshop environments. Manufactured in Switzerland, Trimos guarantees the most robust, precise and reliable height gage.


  • “Black mask” display with user-friendly functions
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force
  • Battery life: approximately 40 hours (lithium-ion batteries)
  • Vast range of accessories
  • All adjustments possible without tools
  • Cast iron base for optimal stability
  • RS 232 and USB interfaces
  • Measures heights, diameters, perpendicularity, centerlines, Min/Max/Delta
  • Accessory measuring probes up to 340mm in length available and provide excellent repeatability

V3 Height Gage includes the following:

  • Charging unit
  • Measuring insert with ruby ball 4mm diameter
  • Probe holder elbow 8mm diameter
  • Setting gage
  • User’s manual
  • Test certificate

Fowler V3 Electronic Height Gages:

  • 54-192-340 V3 Electronic Height Gage: 16″/407mm
  • 54-192-370 V3 Electronic Height Gage: 28″/711mm

Fowler V4 Electronic Height Gages:

  • 54-191-440 V4 Electronic Height Gage: 16″/407mm
  • 54-191-470 V4 Electronic Height Gage: 28″/711mm

Fowler V5 Electronic Height Gages:

  • 54-199-540 V5 Electronic Height Gage: 0-16″/407mm
  • 54-199-570 V5 Electronic Height Gage: 0-28″/711mm
  • 54-199-590 V5 Electronic Height Gage: 0-43.7″/1110mm

Fowler V6 Electronic Height Gages

  • 54-199-640 V6 Electronic Height Gage: 0-16″/407mm
  • 54-199-670 V6 Electronic Height Gage: 0-28″/711mm
  • 54-199-690 V6 Electronic Height Gage: 0-43.7″/1110mm

Fowler V7 Electronic Height Gages

  • 54-199-740 Fowler V7 Electronic Height Gage: 16″/407mm
  • 54-199-770 Fowler V7 Electronic Height Gage: 28″/710mm
  • 54-199-790 Fowler V7 Electronic Height Gage: 43″/1109mm

Fowler V9 Electronic Height Gages

  • 54-199-940 Fowler V9 Electronic Height Gage: 16″/406mm
  • 54-199-970 Fowler V9 Electronic Height Gage: 28″/710mm
  • 54-199-990 Fowler V9 Electronic Height Gage: 43″/1109mm

A short video on the Fowler/Trimos 54-192-340 V3 Electronic Height Gage

  • What is included with the gage
  • Quick product overview

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