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Super-Precision Micrometer Heads

Range: 0-1"

Graduations: .00005"

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Product Description

T469HXSP Starrett Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head: 0-1″

The Starrett T469HXSP Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head has the following specifications:

  • Range: 0-1″
  • Graduations: .00005″
  • Accuracy: +/-.00003″
  • Spindle Material: Carbide
  • Spindle Type: Flat
  • Thimble Type: Plain
  • EDP: 67129

The Starrett 469, 469M Series Large, Super-Precision Micrometer Head is our most accurate micrometer head. It is also available on special order with double graduations in red and black on the sleeve and thimble, permitting readings both ways with the spindle moving in either direction. The micrometer head has a 4-1/16″ (103mm) thimble diameter and is graduated to .0001″, .000050″, 0.001mm, or 0.002mm for direct reading. It also has staggered graduations for easy counting and reading of lines. The spindle is carbide faced for long life.


  • Made In America
  • Starrett satin chrome finish no glare resists rust on all reading surfaces
  • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
  • Quick-reading figures
  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle (the heart of our accuracy and long life)
  • Micro-lapped measuring face for flatness and squareness
  • Quick and easy adjustment

Starrett Large Super-Precision Micrometer Heads:

  • T469XSP     Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head: 0-1″ (.0001″)
  • T469HXSP Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head: 0-1″ (.00005″)
  • 469MXSP    Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head: 0-25mm (.002mm)
  • 469MHXSP Large Super-Precision Micrometer Head: 0-25mm (.001mm)

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