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Today we would like to wrap up our series on the wonderful selection of European brands we carry. Just because we saved our friend Wyler for last certainly does not mean they are least. Another brand based in beautiful Switzerland, Wyler continues the Swiss tradition of detail and precision as one of the leading brands of measurement production. Everything built and distributed by Wyler comes with the Swiss-made guarantee. Today, we will introduce you to the brand, what they represent, and what they sell.

In the year 1928, Max Wyler took the production reigns from the Hoen company and officially began production of the very first Wyler precision measurement instruments. Fifteen years later, the company was officially converted to the Wyler brand and began distributing tools under this new name. By 1970, Wyler had developed their first electronic measurement instrument for measuring inclines, the NivelSWISS, an instrument still widely used today. 1977 saw the introduction of the handheld Minilevel and the Leveltronic, while 1987 had the launch of the Clinotronic, another handheld device. Wyler introduces their first official Software, called Levelsoft, built to measure the flatness of surfaces and to line up precisely with printed protocol requirements. In 1993, Wyler become officially accredited as an internationally recognized calibration laboratory (SCS EN ISO/IEC 17025) and then soon after developed the first inclination measuring sensor, the Zerotonic, in 1995. Before the turn of the century, Wyler produced and launched the Dynam software which calculated and displayed static and dynamic inclinations using sensors, the group of Minilevel and Leveltronic handheld instruments generation, the Clino 2000 instrument for calibration, and the Spirit series of levels allowing for revolutionary adjustments.

Since then, Wyler has regularly created, produced, and distributed an incredible list of tools and software that any metrologist would dream about. They carry measuring instruments, inclination measuring sensors, software, long-term monitoring tools, display devices, spirit levels, clinometers, and communicating water levels. Some of the specific tools that they provide include: BlueSYSTEM SIGMA, dual axis inclinometer BlueLEVEL-2D, BlueCLINO, Clinotronic S, Clinotronic PLUS, nivelSWISS, nivelSWISS-D, ZEROTRONIC sensor, ZEROMATIC sensor, LEVELMATIC sensor, Geo-Monitoring Systems, Datataker, Datalogger, BlueMETER SIGMA, BlueMETER BASIC, LED-CROSS, MultiTC, BlueTC, Cable-Concept, Horizontal Spirit, Magnetic Spirit, Precision Frame, Crankpin Spirit Level, Shaft Spirit Level, Turbular Spirit Level, Micrometer Spirit Level, Precision Frame Spirit Level, Protractor Spirit Level, Clinorapid, and more.

Beyond their well-made selection of precision measurement instruments, Wyler is one of the leading measurement software developers. WylerSPEC is used for tasks related to measuring geometric qualities, wylerDynam and wylerCHART are used in conjunction for measuring and displaying inclinations and profiles, LabEXCEL CLINO is used to display measurement values, and wylerINSERT is used to read inclination values and transfer them to other programs.

Wyler has been gracing the world with high-quality precision measurement tools and software since the early 1900s. With customer satisfaction as their highest concern, Wyler ensures products and services that exceed expectations worldwide. They target quality before quantity and value using an economical system that supports their employees, their collaborators, and the environment collectively. Take a look at what Wyler has to offer today, or ask one of the experts at Higher Precision what Wyler products we have available.

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What are the missions and objective of Wyler?
Wyler strives to make the best quality precision measurement tools and software available. At the heart of what they do, Wyler focuses on customer satisfaction. They aim to be competent and reliable, and they ensure statements of quality and specifications with everything they build and sell. Wyler sees each supplier and distributor they work with as a partner, supporting fair and balanced relationships across the world. Additionally, as a company, Wyler is committed to respecting rules and regulations concerning the environment. They utilize natural resources carefully and always aim for quality over quantity. All the employees at Wyler are motivated experts who are part of the larger Wyler team. Wyler knows that they would not function without the hard work and devotion of their employees and so supporting them is a central goal. The overall strategy of Wyler is to continue to provide precision measurement tools and resources for the long-term, strengthening their role as leader in the field, and fulfilling their responsibility to their customers and employees alike.
What publication has Wyler produced?
As a world leader in supplying solutions in electronic inclination measurement, inclination sensors, measurement software, and precision spirit levels, Wyler has furthered their outreach with the publication of a precision measurement book. Titled, “The Secrets of Inclination Measurement,” the Wyler book discusses the niche position that inclination measurement holds within the greater field of metrology. As such a specialized subset of the precision measurement world, inclination measurement is not very well understood or advocated for. Highlighting the implementation and interpretation requirements for quality improvement, the Wyler book explains the range of measurement tools, the importance of precise alignment, and the high performance of machine components important in assembly.
What are the types of precision measurement software that Wyler sells?
The overarching name given to the wide ranging software packages available through Wyler is wylerSOFT. Built within this greater program are a series of important subsets that can be combined or not to create an incredible suite of precision measurement software. WylerSPEC is a tool used for measurement tasks concerning the geometry of objects and machines, calculating measurements of flatness, parallelism, and squareness. WylerDYNAM samples and analyzes data in order to measure and display inclinations, profiles, and more for both stationary and moving objects. WylerCHART is based on wylerDYNAM but is preconfigured to launch standard applications right away, making it very simple to use. LabEXCEL CLINO displays the measurement values determined by the Clinotronic inclination measurement instruments. WylerINSERT reads values taken by the Wyler BlueSystem devices and inserts them into any other program that you are using. Finally, Wyler sells a software development kit that customers can use in order to develop their own software for analyzing data from Wyler instruments in order to better customize the tools to their needs.
What types of trainings and services are offered by Wyler?
Wyler goes above and beyond just the creation and distribution of precision measurement products. They also offer customer training opportunities and a range of helpful services. Wyler understands how complex accurate and reliable precision measurement can be. Therefore, they offer their customers product training opportunities to help guarantee that measurements are done properly. Together with their distribution partners worldwide, Wyler offers trainings at their partners’ facilities or on-site with customers. The aims of these trainings are to teach the correct application of the tools and software and to get used to various measurement methods available. In addition to these trainings, Wyler offers repair services, maintenance contracts, and warranty extensions.
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