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Vermont Gage – Nice to Meet You

Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our wonderful precision measurement tool comrades – Vermont Gage. Located in Swanton, VT. Vermont Gage came to be in 1980 as a subset of Vermont Precision Tools, Inc., which was originally founded in 1968. With a long history of quality and customer satisfaction, Vermont Gage is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of precision measurement products. We are honored to be one of their many, high-level distributors and to have an ongoing partnership with this metrology producer.

Vermont Gage has two state-of-the-art facilities where they produce all of their fine products. In Franklin, KY there is one facility that specializes in thread gage manufacturing, while all other manufacturing as well as sales are housed in the Swanton, VT location. Vermont Gage manufactures plain plug gages, plain ring gages, masters, hole location gages, thread gages, blanks, and accessories. Not to mention that included in their range of gage types is a very extensive selection of gage classes. Vermont Gage also provides its customers with high-level services including calibrations, measurement conflict resolution, depth notches and pressure relief flats, and gage fact sheets. Check out their thorough catalogue online through their website.

Every product made by Vermont Gage comes under their unique quality policy. The Vermont Gage quality policy falls technically under the company’s ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certification as well as the ISO 13485:2003 medical device quality management system certification. However, the brilliance of this policy goes beyond the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) numbers. Since its inception, Vermont Gage has striven to not only achieve, but also exceed customer satisfaction. Through an excellent product line combined with expert product services, as well as their responsive and personalized customer service, their quality policy is at the heart of all they do.

Vermont Gage lives and breathes precision measurement. They house over 180 employees, including a thread manufacturing Vice President who serves on National Standards committees. An active member in the National Trade Association, Vermont Gage inspects all materials and products for conformance to established quality standards. Built on a climate of mutual respect and trust, the Vermont Gage family is made up of a diverse management team in quality assurance, inventory control, MIS, maintenance, and human resources, and supportive groups of employees in inside sales, customer service, and technical support. Vermont Gage makes sure that they are constantly engaged in a program of product development and improvement in order to remain innovative and to meet all potential future needs of their customer base.

Vermont Gage is overall an amazing precision measurement manufacturing company to work with. From the high quality products themselves, to the knowledgeable employees, to the consistent customer service, Vermont Gage has it all. Even more, they maintain an active role in local communities and events. Each year, the Vermont Gage family partakes in fundraising efforts that allows its employees to contribute thousands of dollars to local charities. It is with honor and pride that Higher Precision partners as a distributor with Vermont Gage.

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