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What do the "grades" mean with gage blocks?

December 18, 2017
To best understand what the grades of gage blocks mean, you must first have a good handle on what gage blocks are and where they came from. Gage blocks are a measurement system of precisely made blocks used to measure exact length. Gage blocks can ...

What is hardness and how is it measured?

November 20, 2017
Hardness is one of those concepts that has many definitions in many contexts. Challenging tasks can be hard, water can be hard, and materials can be hard. In precision measurement, hardness most often refers to the level of resistance held by a material. In other words, a...

Why is resolution important on a gage?

November 6, 2017
Resolution can be defined broadly as the act of determining. In the field of precision measurement, resolution refers to the degree of clarity on the measurement scale you are using. In essence, this means that the resolution on a measurement tool is what helps...

Calipers: 4 Ways to Measure

October 23, 2017
Calipers are amazing little precision measurement tools. They provide four distinct ways to measure, each with incredible utility—inside diameter, outside diameter, depth, and step. Any and all calipers are capable of each of these measurements, whether an electronic, dial, or Vernier caliper. We will...

Why you should know the IP rating of a gage when purchasing it

October 9, 2017
To cut to the chase, you should always know the IP rating of a gage you are purchasing because it will directly impact how and when you use the gage and ensure you are making the correct purchase. But let’s take a step back—what is an IP...
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