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What do the "grades" mean with gage blocks?

December 18, 2017
To best understand what the grades of gage blocks mean, you must first have a good handle on what gage blocks are and where they came from. Gage blocks are a measurement system of precisely made blocks used to measure exact length. Gage blocks can ...

Calipers: 4 Ways to Measure

October 23, 2017
Calipers are amazing little precision measurement tools. They provide four distinct ways to measure, each with incredible utility—inside diameter, outside diameter, depth, and step. Any and all calipers are capable of each of these measurements, whether an electronic, dial, or Vernier caliper. We will...

The Advantages of Using a Ruby Ball Probe

August 28, 2017
When using a ball probe on a stylus, the choice of material for the stylus and ball you are using has everything to do with the amount of measurement precision you will achieve. Depending on the job at hand, you will want to utilize a specific stylus...

Product Highlights: Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator

July 31, 2017
The Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator is going to change the way you measure alignment. The very first patented wireless test indicator, the Vyndicator Wireless Test Indicator takes the field of precision measurement to another level of accuracy. This tool was built specifically to help...

Accuracy vs. Precision

July 17, 2017
Are accuracy and precision two words for the same idea when it comes to measurement? No. Accuracy and precision are similar and related concepts, but these words are referring to two distinct ideas. You can have a measurement that is accurate, but not precise; a measurement that...

Product Highlights: Quadra Test Indicators

June 5, 2017
Just what is an indicator in the precision measurement world? Well, indicators are used to magnify minute distances and angles using amplification in order to make the distance easier to measure. In the machining, fabrication, and manufacturing industries, indicators are indispensible when it comes to ...
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