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SPI Machinist Sets - Digital and Non-Digital

Hi this is Mike with Higher Precision and today we are going to be taking a look at the two machinist kits that are available through SPI.

The SPI Machinist kits that they carry, one is in digital and one is in none digital. These are the perfect things to purchase if you a hobbyist, a beginner machinist, or a student, or you potentially know someone that this could be a good gift for them. Their fairly economically priced and a high quality. The reason that these are great tools to have around too is that they are perfect for practice. When you are just starting out the three most common tools you usually will be using are a micrometer, a caliper, and a rule. With these since they are not a high dollar item it's great for practice because if you ding them up or mark something or practice measuring tools your not going to be killing yourself at the end of the day because your not dropping a thousand dollars or waited months on a lead time. Now we kind of have talked an overview lets jump in and look closer at these sets with what they include.
The two machinist kits that SPI carries are a non digital and a digital kit. The 13-096-3 is the non digital which is this one right here. And then you also have the 13-988-1 which is the electronic three pieces kit. They both include a caliper, a micrometer, and a rule. As you can see here this is a six inch white face dial caliper. You have a one inch vernier micrometer, and you also have a six inch rigid rule that is a 4R graduation. And then on this kit right here you have the same exact but electronic. Six inch electronic caliper. One inch electronic micrometer, and then again your six inch 4R rigid rule. These both include calibrations out of the box for the micrometer and caliper. They include fitted cases. And again as I said if your a hobbyist or a new machinist or a student at the time learning about these. These are perfect kits to work with. The dial and vernier are always great to know, people have moved a little bit from these more to the digital because the digital is affordable, but it's a great skill to be able to use both. But as I been saying through out the video these are great practice at a fair price.
Today we took a look at the two machinist kits that are availabe through Swiss Precision. One is none digital and one is digital. If you have any questions on about it or need any more information please feel free to reach us at higherprecision.com or call in we are always available to speak.


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