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SPI Granite Base Comparator Stand with Indicator

Hey everyone, it's Nick here at Higher Precision and today we're going to be doing a video demo on the SPI granite base comparators stand with indicator part number 13-721-6.


Today we're going be doing a video demo on the SPI granite base comparator stand with indicator part number 13-721-6. As you can see, I have already fully assembled everything which probably took a total of about 3 minutes, is very easy to do. On the bottom side of the granite here you will see an allen that you can use to get the post secure to the actual granite base. Then you're also going to get a small little allen here that goes through the lug of the indicator to actually get that secure to the base as well. SPI is very nice and they include both sides allen keys in there as well so you don't have to go out and buy anything.

So let's take a look at the actual granite base itself. It is made from the highest quality ebony granite. It's dimensions here are 6" x 6" x 2" and has an overall flatness of +/- .00005". Overall height is 10" with a column diameter of 0.990". It has a very easy to use fine adjustment in here and this here can accept all AGD 1, 2, 3, & 4 indicators. So that goes over the granite base here, let's take a quick look at the indicator itself. So within this set here you're going to get a SPI 0-1" indicator. Graduations is .001" has a dial reading of 0-100. It has the 4-48 contact point thread on there and the 3/8 shank in case you want ever have this mounted in an other type of stand. Included with the indicator itself is a detailed manual and on top of the manual you are going to get a short-form certificate of calibration.

So the SPI granite base comparator stand with indicator is that a great price point typically gonna run you somewhere on the range of $100-120. It is great for people doing a high volume of parts. What you can do here's he can grab the spindle, you could set it up, measure your part, next part, bring it in, drop the spindle, next part, here we go, drop the spindle, take your measurements. Now, on top of that there's actually two little black tolerancing indicators that you can set up this kind of set up go or no-go gauging to try to make it as easy and as simple as possible for your operators there.

We really enjoyed SPI sending this out for us to take a look at today. If you have any other further questions, you can feel free to reach out to us at HigherPrecision dot com and until next time, we'll see you again.

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