• Part #: 21-579-8


    Oditest Metric Caliper Gage # 21-579-8

    Oditest Metric Caliper Gage # 21-579-8

    Manufacturer: SPI

    Range/Size: 0-50mm

    Graduations: .05mm


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    Product Description:

    21-579-8 Oditest Metric Caliper Gage: 0-50mm

    The SPI 21-579-8 has an accuracy of .05mm.


    • Used for measuring external grooves, recess diameters and thicknesses.
    • Jeweled movement, dust, splash and shockproof.
    • Carbide measuring contacts.
    • Dampened movement with steel string transmission for higher precision.
    • Mechanical gages are IP65 rated. Electronic gages are IP67 rated.

    21-579-8 Specifications:

    • Graduations: .05mm
    • Measuring Depth: 170mm
    • Groove Maximum Depth: 32mm
    • Groove Minimum Width: 2mm
    • Contact Points: Ball/Ball

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