• Part #: 54-199-300


    V Plus Series Height Gages

    V Plus Series Height Gages

    Manufacturer: Fowler/Trimos

    Range/Size: 0-21"/535mm

    Graduations: .00005"/.001mm


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    Product Description:

    54-199-300 V Plus Series Electronic Height Gage: 0-21"/535mm

    The Fowler/Trimos V Plus Series Electronic Height Gages can be used in a lab environment or directly on the shop floor. The V Plus Series is commonly known as the Cadillac of height gages" because of its quality and durability. 54-199-300 is a versatile height gage and can be used for a variety of applications such as ID, OD, steps, depths, heights, min, max, TIR, and centerline dimensions. Unlike other manufacturers, most of these measuring applications can be done with only one measuring probe. The easy-to-use electronics have a small learning curve and most operators can master the operation of the gage within an hour of training. The Fowler/Trimos V Plus Series Height Gages come with a 5-year warranty which is the best in the industry. This height gage also includes a 4mm ruby ball probe, probe setting master, charger, certification, and dust cover. Higher Precision highly recommends the V Plus Series Height Gage.

    The 54-199-300 has a squareness of .0002"/.005mm over the first 12"/300mm of range.

    Check out this Youtube video of the V Plus Series Electronic Height Gage: Click Here


    • Repeatability: .00008"/.002mm(+/- 2s)
    • Accuracy: 2.5 + L (mm/300)
    • Measures height, inside and outside diameters and centerline locations without changing probes
    • Simple to operate with hand wheel and self triggering probe
    • Swiss engineering and construction
    • Min/Max/Delta value
    • Direct RS-232 output for SPC
    • Built-in pump provides air cushion to reduce wear and fatigue
    • Full numeric keypad and large display
    • Built-in rechargeable battery
    • Optional printer and probes
    • Hand wheel w/fine adjustment
    • Includes 4mm  ruby probe, probe calibration gage, charger, dust cover and certificate of accuracy
    • Holds probes with a 8m shank

    Below is a list of all the Fowler/Trimos V Plus Series Electronic Height Gages.

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