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Located only a few blocks from the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Trimos has been manufacturing high-end precision measurement tools since 1973. Trimos is ISO9000 certified and manufactures some of the highest quality measuring instruments in the world today. Fowler Tools is the US representative for Trimos and offers a 5-year warranty for many of their products. Trimos is known for three types of products they manufacturer:

Trimos Height Gages:

Horizontal Measuring Instruments:

  • Labconcept
  • Labconcept Premium
  • Labconcept Nano Calibration System
  • Horizon Premium
  • Horizon Premium with Digital Measuring System
  • THV Horizontal Measuring System
  • Mini Horizontal
  • Twinner
  • Alesta

Surface Analysis Instruments:

  • TR Profile / TR Profile DH-8
  • TR Scan
  • TR Scan Premium
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