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  • Product Code: #00590092

    Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Calipers

    Range/Size: 0-6"/150mm

    Graduation: .0005"/.01mm

    Price: $143.00 $135.85

    Product Description

    00590092 BROWN & SHARPE TWIN-CAL IP40 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm

    The 00590092 Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper has the following specifications:

    • Range: 0-6"/150mm
    • Resolution: .0005"/.01mm
    • Thumb Roller: Yes
    • Depth Rod: Round


    • Largest LCD screen ever with 7/16 in digits
    • More than 12,000 hours battery life (3 Years)
    • ABS measuring mode
    • Unique TWIN & LINK wireless connectivity built into every TWIN-CAL caliper
    • Choice of round or rectangular depth rod

    Below is the list of Brown and Sharpe Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Calipers:

    • 00590092 Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm (Round Depth Bar)
    • 00590093 Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper: 0-6"/150mm
    • 00590094 Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper: 0-8"/200mm
    • 00590095 Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper: 0-12"/300mm

    The 00590092 Brown and Sharpe Twin-Cal IP40 Electronic Caliper is made in Switzerland.

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