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  • Product Code: #13-126-8

    Bright Class ZZ Pin Gage Set (Plus) # 13-126-8

    Range/Size: 0.501 - 0.625"

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    Product Description

    13-126-8 Bright Class ZZ Pin Gage Set (Plus): 0.501-0.625"

    The 13-126-8 set has an accuracy of +0.0002"/-0".


    • For quick and accurate measurements. Measure hole sizes, slot widths, calculate distances between holes, use as Go/NoGo gaging, etc.
    • Each set includes pin gage holder.
    • Furnished in attractive molded plastic case.
    • Class ZZ guaranteed to 0.0002"/0.005 mm tolerance limit.
    • Inspected with equipment which has been calibrated and is traceable to NIST.
    • Marked with size and direction of tolerance and gages over 0.060"/1.5 mm.
    • Hardened drill rod RC 60-62, 2 inches long
    • 10 micro finish or better.
    • Certificate of Accuracy included.

    The 13-126-8 set includes 125 pcs.

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