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PRODUCT CODE: 53-880-833

X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set # 53-880-833

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Product Description

53-880-833 Fowler X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set: .011-.250″ (Minus)

The Fowler 53-880-833 X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set has the following specifications:

  • Range: .011-.250″
  • Tolerance: Minus (+0″/-.0002″”)
  • Class ZZ
  • Number of Pieces: 240


  • Black oxide finish offers extra protection against corrosion and rust, promoting longer life, also highlights wear trends that enables calibration to be performed more effectively
  • Range: 0.011″-0.250″ in .001″ increments
  • Set includes 2 handles and our X-Glide all purpose teflon lubricant.
  • Includes certificate of accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T. and registered ISO 9001.

Fowler X-Tended Range Pin Gag Sets:

  • 53-880-823 X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set: .011-.250″ (Plus)
  • 53-880-833 X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set: .011-.250″ (Minus)

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