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    Fowler Dial Thickness Gages

    Range: 400"

    Graduation: .001"

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    Product Description

    52-546-000 Fowler Dial Thickness Gages

    The Fowler 52-546-000 Dial Thickness Gages has the following specifications:

    • Range: .400"
    • Throat Depth: .700"
    • Graduation: .001"
    • Dial Reading: 0-100


    Handy thickness gages by Fowler measure the thickness of paper, leather, sheet metal, rubber and more.

    This gage's proven design offers a number of remarkable advantages. Serrated lifting wheel opens the jaws for insertion of component to be measured, and its size is easily read on the dial.

    The measuring gear train is completely separate from lifting mechanism so that the lifting of anvils cannot affect measurement. Robust design with metal housing, lapped spindle and corrosion resistant. Glass face is unbreakable. The gage is easily zeroed by using the knurled adjusting bezel. Light and handy. Gage fits comfortably in your pocket.

    • Plastic heat insulating plates
    • Contact is flat with a .255"/6.5mm diameter
    • Measuring pressure is 1N (100 grams)

    Fowler Thickness Gages:

    • 52-546-000: Dial Thickness Gage 
    • 52-545-777: Lightweight Dial Thickness Gage: Plunger Style
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