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Sylvac Indicators is proud to offer a large variety of Sylvac Indicators that are available for online purchase. If you are having trouble trying to locate a specific Sylvac Indicator, please email, call 800-469-0132, or live chat with one of our technical support experts. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and can help you find the right Sylvac Indicator for your specific measurement application.

Sylvac indicators are hands down the best quality electronic indicators avaiable on the market today. Sylvac indicators are as accurate as you will find but it is the great electronics that seperates Sylvac from the competition. Sylvac indicators are ideal for those who require data collection when taking measurements and have USB and serial output cables available. Bluetooth data communication is also available on some models of the Mark VI electronic indicator.

We received several inquiries about the Mark IV and Mark V which are now discontinued and is replaced with the Fowler/Sylvac Mark VI electronic indicators which are sold with a LIFETIME warranty (not a joke). The Mark VI has several styles available in multiples ranges and resolutions. The S Dial One is a great electronic indicator which has a built in lifting lever. The Mini Resistant and Vertical Mini Resistant are small in size as well as range but still have the great Sylvac electronics. The Sylvac Quadra Test electronic test indicator is unlike any other test indicator on the market. Available with two different length contact points, the Quadra Test is a best seller when on sale in the Fowler Tool-A-Thon promotions.

Brand: Sylvac

Type of Product: Indicator

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