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Vernier Height Gages

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52-174-012 Vernier Height Gage: 0-12″/300mm

The Fowler 52-174 series height gages are easy to operate, accurate, and repeatable. This height gage has a nice design and is one of the better quality vernier height gages on the market today. The 52-174-012 has the ability to use with a test indicator to be able to measure squareness.


  • The adjustable main scale has a full 3/4″ adjustment range. You can quickly “reset” zero or any reference figure at any point for easy reading without special calculations.
  • Swing-away magnifier plus extra long vernier scales with wide separations in inch and metric for exact and precise reading. 
  • Ultra-smooth fine adjustment mechanism. 
  • Carbide tipped scriber is offset for direct reading over the full range of travel. 
  • Satin-chrome finish on all scales and plates for glare free reading. Raised lands on main scale surfaces prevent friction wear. 
  • Beam & slide of hardened stainless steel. Base and measuring surfaces all hardened tool steel, carefully ground and microlapped.
  • Price includes height gage, carbide tipped scriber, and magnifier. 

Below is a list of all the Fowler Vernier Height Gages.

  • 52-174-012   has a range of 0-12″
  • 52-174-018   has a range of 0-18″
  • 52-174-024   has a range of 0-24″
  • 52-174-040   has a range of 0-40″

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