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    EZ-Read Digit Outside Micrometers - Inch

    Range/Size: 0-1"

    Graduations: .0001"

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    Product Description

    52-222-201 Fowler EZ-Read Digit Outside Micrometer

    Fowler's revolutionary EZ-READ Digital Micrometer reads to 0.0001" without the need for a vernier scale. It's friction thimble makes measurements quick and accurate.

    Special Features:

    • Resolution: .0001"
    • Accuracy: .0002"
    • Insulated steel frame
    • Carbide tipped measuring faces
    • Revolutionary patented design
    • Friction thimble
    • 2" and above furnished with standard.
    • Meets or exceeds Federal accuracy specs.
    • Includes fitted case and wrench

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